some emergent markets

density shifts by jhuang
June 7, 2010, 12:00 am
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The animation below is of a grasshopper definition to illustrate possible activity dynamics on a non-market day at Campo de’ Fiori.  Movements in the piazza is subtle, but can be adjusted in the definition [download links below].   For this definition, a “grid” of points [simulating activity on piazza] was established based on intersections of perpendicular lines extending from the edges of the piazza.  These points were then shifted based on [adjustable] movement of people on paths established by streets.

Rhino file | 100606-density shifts.3dm

Grasshopper file | 100606-density shifts.ghx


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I haven’t gotten the chance to look at the actual definition yet, but I’m curious to know how the lines of movement might interact: right now they enter the piazza and I get very excited about what might happen when they collide (!), but they just cruise past each other, albeit gracefully. I suppose a full-on collision might be inappropriate, but I wonder what sort of disturbance would be? Good stuff, although all those present here at headquarters maintain that your “what are we eating?” section is entirely unfair, and potentially cruel.

Comment by Kurt

I’ve come across your blog by chance the other day. This is some rigorous analysis of markets. I have really enjoyed reading your material. I am actually doing an international food market for my project and I have found your blog very helpful. Thanks. I have been documenting my process by blogging as well. Come check it out. It would be great to link our blogs together.

Comment by jisoohan

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