some emergent markets

we found them! by jhuang
July 9, 2010, 8:42 pm
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We were a little discouraged by the markets we have been visiting because of their lack of energy…until today! We visited 3 markets in the 11th arrondisemont: Popincourt, Belleville, and Pere Lachaise Markets. Without a doubt, Belleville had the most intensity on all accounts:  people, product selection, activity, and competition.

Here are the 3 markets in the 11th:

Popincourt [large and spacious with benches along the path and resting areas near fountains]

Belleville [it is long and narrow…almost .5 miles…covers 3 metro stops]

Pere Lachaise [much shorter and calmer version of Belleville]
Pere Lachaise_Panorama1

We also dropped by an evening market at Place d’Avers by Montmartre and it turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. It was an L shaped market that wrapped around Place d’Anvers.


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[…] been interested in markets as sites of emergence. While some of what we’ve seen has contradicted this idea, we’ve also come across evidence of reorganizations and adaptations occurring within […]

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