some emergent markets

almost a covered market by jhuang
July 17, 2010, 9:05 pm
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Most market sites fall into categories such as the sidewalk, the median, or the plaza.  Barbès, however, stands out for its unique location of being underneath the metro tracks.  It is a linear market on a median, much like Belleville’s, and is anchored by the Barbès-Rochechouarte [elevated] Metro stop.  This high energy market is bustling with sounds, foods, wares, clothing and people.


There is one primary path in the center of the market and is understood to be one-way eastward [although this might just be because it was so crowded].  It seems that those of us who wish to turn back would have to find the next opening in the line of stalls to move outward and then track back around [not an easy task when it’s so full].  Shoppers who are done tend to traverse through the entire market before crossing the street to loop back to the Metro.

There are, of course, rogue vendors [typically not food/produce] and are mostly situated on the ends of the market.
They begin to use areas between the wall of trucks and the standardized stalls, thus, filling in any underutilized spaces.  In addition to the trees that line the edges, the umbrellas also act as an extension outward, linking the canopies to the trucks, implying an enclosure almost like that of a covered market.


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