some emergent markets

And now, to the plage! by Daphne Lasky
July 28, 2010, 4:30 pm
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As we head in to our last day in Paris, it’s clearer than ever that we have more work to do. Documenting the markets was Step 1 of Some Emergent Markets, and we’re pleased that we’ve had the opportunity to wander Paris and Rome, searching out the loudest vendors, the most creative shading devices, and the biggest delivery trucks. The backlog of photos on our hard drives means that we still have plenty of information to sort through. Daphne’s notes for posts-to-come include headlines such as Metro Interactions, Graffiti, Trash Trees, and Smush, while you can expect Jie to follow up with Metro Canopy, Infrastructural Disturbances, and Market, M.D.

From the outset, we’ve been interested in markets as sites of emergence. While some of what we’ve seen has contradicted this idea, we’ve also come across evidence of reorganizations and adaptations occurring within standardized market structures. The emergent behaviors that we’ve observed happen across vastly different scales, ranging from the display of goods to the informal reach of the market. Emergence is evident not only in the arrangement of physical infrastructure, but in the ways that people interact in a space. The Campo dei Fiori-as-hotspot and the market vendor-call are related through their use of improvised theatrical performance–the passeggiata and the vendor-call are both opportunities to see-and-be-seen, and both rely on the fluctuating presence of a crowd.

We’re also thinking about future explorations that our documentation makes possible. It seems that physical models, grasshopper definitions, and large-format drawings are in the works; we hope that you’ll check in with us every now and then to see what we’re up to.



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