some emergent markets

what are we doing?


_The rising (of a submerged body) out of the water._The process of coming forth, issuing from concealment, obscurity, or confinement. Also said of the result of an evolutionary process._An unforseen occurrence; a state of things unexpectedly arising, and demanding immediate attention.


_A place at which trade is conducted._A meeting or gathering together of people for the purchase and sale of provisions or livestock, publicly displayed, at a fixed time and place; the occasion or time of this. Also: the people gathered at such a meeting._An open space or covered building in which vendors gather to display provisions (esp. from stalls or booths), livestock, etc., for sale._A geographical area of commercial activity; the potential demand for a commodity or a service provided by such an area. Now also: the potential demand for a commodity or service within a demographic group; the commercial activity of such a group in total. Freq. with the area or group specified.

European markets as we know them today developed in 11th Century Italy and France. Vibrant places of exchange located at city gates, markets were home to both foreign merchants and local consumers. Just as their spatial qualities were determined by competition between public and private interests, markets likewise exerted influence on their host cities and trade networks. We propose a course of research that uses emergence as a lens for understanding this phenomenon. Through analytical drawings and parametric models, we seek to uncover the generative structure of European markets and apply their lessons to contemporary American cities.

Our cities are changing (sprawling, shrinking, decaying, and growing), and all too often, we don’t understand why or how. Rather than in all of our hopes for the future on the success of master plans, we understand emergence as a powerful tool for engaging with the processes that drive American cities. Our work this summer will inform our anticipated thesis research on emergence and the city and we graciously accept STTFET’s support in funding this work.

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