some emergent markets

what we do for research by jhuang
July 15, 2010, 8:15 pm
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After passing by this Picard in Marais numerous times, we decided to temporarily expand our research today to include this unique market phenomenon.


After exploring the 3 aisles, we settled on a small purchase in order to test its reputation.

Upon opening the sorbet, we were pleasantly surprised to see a scoop embedded in the lid.  We liked where this was going…attention to detail is critical.

So, here is the unveiling of the cherry sorbet [it was flavorful, delicious and inexpensive]:


Market Activity by Daphne Lasky
June 16, 2010, 5:49 pm
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At first glance, it seems all too obvious that everyone comes to the Campo de Fiori for the market. With its fruits and vegetables aplenty, tourists and locals alike must flock to the campo in search of whatever’s fresh and seasonal.

In reality, however, the market accounts for only 8 hours of campo activity a day. Why, then, is the piazza full of people ’round the clock?

I think the answer is that, as a painting teacher of mine used to say, people like to look at people.

When the market vendors arrive in piazza in the morning, the place is deserted. As they begin to set up and display their wares, a few brave souls venture out to make some early purchases. Over the course of the morning, the crowds grow, and the neighboring cafes open up. Pedestrians ogle the market goods, while seated espresso-sippers ogle passers-by.

By the time the market vendors begin packing up around 1:00, a lunchtime crowd packs the cafes. Once the piazza is empty, it is the cafe patrons themselves who are the performance for pedestrians to enjoy. This mutual people-watching continues through the aperitivo hour, and far into the night.

In all of this, the market plays the role of a catalyst, creating enough human activity that, by the time the sun grows hot, it has done its job, and can go home for a nice, cool rest.

[Poor definition-management skills means that the gh component to this post is a bit out-of-hand at the moment. Keep a look-out for a separate post with the definition download and some thinking about strategies for nesting actions…]

market wild by jhuang
June 11, 2010, 6:59 pm
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According to various sources, Campo de’ Fiori’s market begins at 7am, but the actual schedule is very loosely followed.  We found most vendors’ relaxed setup routine and breaks to be refreshingly wonderful: feeding birds, playing with furry friends, drinking cappuccino, singing, and constantly pausing to enjoy the morning.

market setup on Vimeo.