some emergent markets

free thinkers II! by jhuang
July 21, 2010, 10:16 am
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As a follow up to my previous post, the Batignolles organic market in the 17th arrondissemont was another one of 3 roving organic markets in Paris. Most of these vendors were the same as the ones at the Raspail organic market, but it was interesting to see how the vendors changed or adapted to the given physical situation. There was more space available so the vendors were more bold with their displays.

Some displays spanned across parts of back-to-back rows of canopy to create something like this:


Others extended into the street with their own equipment…


…and created spaces like this one:


Some even turned their stands 90 degrees from the canopy orientation to form horseshoe ends.


The result was a market that’s more interesting and conducive to wandering [the selection also contributed to this aspect].  The paths created here were the closest I’ve seen to a web or network.


free thinkers! by jhuang
July 19, 2010, 9:43 am
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Leave it to the organic market vendors to break out of the Parisian market system.  Instead of following the linear orientation of the overhead canopy [which they still used], they re-arranged their display set-ups to create more intimate spaces that allowed visitors to weave in and out of the “stands.”

At the Raspail Organic Market, the vendors spilled out onto the street with their own stall equipment…



…and redirected the flow of people to bring them into the vendor’s own space [notice the thin bollards indicating the edge of the median]:



Stay tuned for Batignolles Organic Market…