some emergent markets

Park it Right Here by Daphne Lasky
July 18, 2010, 9:31 pm
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Some of the markets we’ve seen take place on lovely boulevards, with views, and benches, and plants, and fountains.

Others, however, take root over Valuable Parking Infrastructure. The Avenue Woodrow Wilson market displaces not benches, but parking spots, as it stretches past the Palais de Tokyo and other glamorous establishments.

A crosswalk (intended to help out market-goers, car-commuters, or intrepid architectural researchers, one wonders…) stretches into the market corridor:

Ignore the display cases full of organic cheese and look down at your feet. You’ll find market scaffolding delicately sidestepping painted parking guides:

At the end of the row of vendors, take a 360 spin to see the boulevard as both a market, and a parking lot: